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Five Simple Ways to Help You Prepare for the Beginning of the Week


Throughout your years, have you tried different fitness regimes, diets and health challenges? Only to find yourself lacking motivation and sick of the same food? I think sometimes all it can take is one weekend of self-indulgence to stop our good healthy rhythm. Oh and winter, you non-motivating thing you.

Nevertheless, it’s all about the balance. I don’t personally like making my lunches for 5 days, it smells differently and isn’t very fresh. So instead, I prep the little things that take time and get dinner ready for the first night of the week. Here’s what I do and hopefully this can help you too. 

1.     On Sunday before you go grocery shopping, pick one new recipe to try for dinner that week.

I always try and cook this on Tuesday or Wednesday night because the momentum comes back by then. Make it fun, something you know will be enjoyable and doesn’t have 30 ingredient items.

2.     Cut up vegetables and fruits for smoothies and place in glass containers.

Nothing worse than running late and grabbing a piece of toast or fruit for the road, only to be starving by 9am. If you enjoy smoothies, try cutting everything up ready. This includes for me: baby spinach, parsley and zucchini. Berries are frozen so I add them in the smoothie cup the night before. In the morning all I have to add is my protein + collagen powder and nut milk.

3.     Have overnight oats for breakfast ready in a small glass container.

Kick start your Monday and Tuesday morning (Wednesday as well if you’re keen) with organic oats that have been soaked overnight in nut milk of your choice and chia seeds. In the morning, slice up your favourite fruit and nuts on top. Feel free to add a dash of honey, cinnamon or coconut flakes on top for extra taste, but don’t go overboard as it can be a little too sugary! Not only are oats a great source of fibre and are a slow burning carb for the morning, when they are soaked overnight it can help to remove the gluten within them. If i know I have a busy morning, they tend to keep me a bit more full. I then use the green smoothie as something to sip on up until lunch time.

4.     Make Monday night’s dinner easy.

Being after the weekend where you may have had an event, went out to eat or just didn’t feel like cooking, an easy meal to come home to after a long Monday is worthwhile.

Winter choice: Pumpkin, carrot + kale soup with fresh organic bread. After you’ve finished cutting up your smoothie mixes, chop up these ingredients, add some onion, garlic, oregano, cumin, turmeric, salt and pepper with some coconut oil and let it sit overnight in the fridge. When you’re home, roast the vegetables then process it in a blender. Because I use a thermo-blend, once I pulse the vegetables, I let it cook for 10 minutes with some vegetables stock, then add in some coconut cream to finish. 

5.     Keep staples in your cupboard for when making vegetarian dishes.

Keep your staples filled in your pantry including; rice, pasta, quinoa, buckwheat and oats. Having a small serve of this with your meals can be a great source of fibre and have a lot of nutrients. These sorts of whole-grains won’t raise your blood sugar levels unlike how refined carbohydrates would (white pasta, bread etc). I don’t cook with these for every meal, just depending on the type of meal I cook and the vegetables I use,  for example, I rarely have rice if I cook with pumpkin or sweet potato because it’s a tad too heavy for me. If I have a meal full of greens, I tend to add some sort of wholegrain with it for extra filling and fibre.


There you have it, things that get me through my week that I rarely get sick of. And if you do, that’s totally fine! It doesn’t mean you have to give up and eat something processed, you just have to pick some new foods that you want to master and cook for the next few weeks, it’s all about simplicity and learning in the kitchen! Good for the brain and for the belly.

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Natalie Almond