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For the love of pasta…and kale.

Are you or members of your family pasta lovers? And needing a way to get in some vegetables by the end of the day? Never fear, Natalie is here.

All ingredients including the pasta we use is certified organic or pesticide free. We buy our pasta from either Aldi or Woolworths in the organic section. Sometimes I will use pulse or spelt pasta as I find it easier to digest.

Now, I can’t officially write this “serves 2-4” because we all know that never works out. To give you an idea, this sauce gave us 3 servings of pasta. However, if you add in a whole jar of passata you’ll be on your way to having left overs. If I do add in a whole jar, I like to add in more vegetables just so it is not as acidic.

O R G A N I C . S A U C E

✨ Half a jar of passata

✨ 2 zucchinis

✨ 1 big eggplant or 2 medium sized ones

✨ 3 fresh roma tomatoes

✨ 1 red capsicum

✨ Handful of tuscan kale

✨ 1 onion

✨ Splash of olive oil or coconut oil, salt, pepper, dried oregano, turmeric and paprika for an edgy taste!

How to create this easy comfort meal…

  1. Add vegetables into your food processor/thermo/NutriBullet (whatever you have that is more convenient) and blend until you’re happy with the sizing.

  2. Heat olive oil or coconut oil to your pan, then place vegetables in.

  3. Add your spices and sauté for 5 minutes.

  4. Add in the passata and let it all simmer for 15 - 20 minutes on a low heat. Keep an eye that is doesn’t dry out too much.

  5. During this time, boil up your choice of pasta.

  6. Have a taste of the sauce and serve up! I always add in fresh parsley or basil on top to get some raw greens/herbs in.

Remember, I’m a big rookie at recipes as I have the Greek in me of “add in a bit of this and a bit of that” when we talk about how we made our meals. Nevertheless, let me know how you go!

Kalí órexi! (enjoy your meal) 💚

As you can tell I am very professional at food pictures……………… ;)

As you can tell I am very professional at food pictures……………… ;)

Natalie Almond