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I'm A Woman - What's Your Superpower?


When Business Chicks Australia have super cool tote bags and quotes, you must take a picture!

A couple of weeks ago, I spent three days in Melbourne.

When I arrived, I worked from One Roof Women Co-Working space on South Bank. The staff are so friendly and helpful. There is an events space next door that hosts a variety of different events throughout the week. Added bonus - it is located around the corner form an organic café and grocery store. A number of women work from this space for their own businesses or remotely for someone else’s business. The creative and warm vibe was felt as soon as you walked into the space. I’m looking forward to working from there already on the next trip! Check out their Instagram @oneroofwomen, it’s full of colour, quotes, updates and events. Here is their website

 The next day, I plotted along to my favourite marketing agency The Digital Picnic based in Footscray for a 1:1 business strategy session with Michelle. I found TDP back in 2017 when I was at my previous job. The colours, smiles and quirky funny content on Instagram grabbed my attention instantly (@thedigitalpicnic), so I knew I had to go visit them for some training. My manager at the time was keen for me to go out and explore new training, so off I went to Melbourne! It really is so beneficial to get out of your ‘norm’ (and for me out of the state) to be more inspired and motivated. At that time, I said to myself, “When I have my own business, I’ll be back here…”. Then 1.5 years later, I was back! I had an amazing two hours with Michelle from TDP, chatting everything business, health and strategy. Old me would have been overwhelmed with the information, new me was so excited to put new strategies in place. Check online for TDP’s training, they conduct them all over Australia and have a brilliant owner/manager that has an incredible team behind her. Check them out here

After this I checked out a Gut Health exhibition at the Melbourne Museum with my friend from my college (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) Winnie from Winnie Wellness. A small exhibition with a lot of information for people to gain a better understanding and read simple information about gut health and our microbiome. Technically a year ago, I had no idea about anything, apart from having a balanced diet. So, this is a must see if you’re in Melbourne or are visiting! The exhibition is on until 2 February 2020 and is $15 for admission into the museum, for there you can wander around the other exhibits. For more information click here

On my last day, my friend Chloe and I attended a Business Chicks breakfast with guest speaker Sarah Wilson at Peninsula 14 on the Docklands. Nothing like a 7am breakfast to kick start your day! I have been slowly following Sarah Wilson’s journey since learning about sugar during my Health Coach course last year. I bought one of her books “I Quit Sugar: Your Complete 8-Week Detox Program and Cookbook” when I first had to reduce my sugar intake last year (so good, you have to read it) and now I have started reading “first, we make the beast B=beautiful” which is her book about her journey with anxiety. It really is amazing. I have no doubt that anyone who has physically and mentally dealt with anxiety throughout their life that they would really enjoy it, feel connected to it and feel motivated to tackle it.

When Sarah was speaking on stage, one thing that really stuck with me was her chatting to us about giving out free information and services to the community. In my opinion, we are in a day and age where free makes you feel you’ve been taken advantage of and only money can make your business feel valuable. People also want whatever they can get for free; information, products, consults, advice, food… I get it. We all enjoy it. It can feel very hard to enjoy yourself knowing a lot of your wage is going on something you’re not sure whether to trust or will get what you want from it. But it is important, to give out and you’ll be surprised what bounces back to you. So on my socials? I’ll upload and update with information that I have learnt, because we all deserve to be able to learn new things without putting a price on it. However, as Sarah Wilson shared, if you would like to book in 1:1 for a valuable business session, then that will have a set cost. She explained about her life; her business, being toxic free, minimal waste, minimal waste and standing your ground on your views.

I may not give myself an income for a long time, may provide free group sessions and chats over the phone, live more on a budget, say no to a lot more catch ups out, but for me? Life has somehow become so much simpler, and I know soon enough it will all work out to where I want it to. Clothes, bags, makeup, shoes have all become pieces of material, that I enjoy here and there. I have always loved a new update in the wardrobe, but it doesn’t have to be every week like I used to do. My husband and I now spend most of our money on our health including study, good quality food, drinks and fun adventures. We save to go on little trips away and go out for a cup of coffee and a walk when he has a day off. My motivation every day is knowing I’m healthier than I was before and knowing I can share my information with others.

A little simpler than what I was doing before.

There you have it. A little trip to Melbourne I saved for, to use for something that I knew would be beneficial, motivational and inspirational, that I know will help me to grow as a business owner and person.  

Is there something you have been wanting to do, or somewhere you feel you need to go, to either refresh, learn or see this year?

Natalie Almond