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Do We Need To Be Told To Solve The Problem?

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Back in September, I was told I was pretty much ‘pre-diabetic.’ For a second, I found it shocking, then I thought “yeah that’s sounds about right”. I guess my Easter bunny lunches, piece of cake for dinners and block of chocolate breakdowns were going to catch up with me one day. Never mind, we need to be told so we can solve the problem.

You see that, we need to be told to solve the problem.

Told to solve the problem.

That’s exactly what happens, we live a life that we try and enjoy as much as we can, work our butts off, eat what we want a “balanced diet”, exercise when we feel like, skip meals and binge when we are stressed, but it all catches up to us eventually, doesn’t it? Can you look back at a time in your life where you dragged your energy levels out as much as you could, until you were told (either by your body or doctor) to stop? Then you had to work on solving the problem.

It’s human nature, it is how we have been programmed.

When we recognise what has happened, that’s the important part. You’ve recognised that you can no longer work, eat, or feel like this anymore. Because I tell you, I could have given you 100 reasons why I didn’t work on this earlier, examples being:

·      “I don’t have time to work on this stuff”- I really can’t be bothered today, I’ll try tomorrow

·      “It costs too much to be healthy” – Yes, quality fruit and vegetables cost money but so does medication

·      “I won’t put on weight anyway” – Because we are told ‘skinny’ means healthy

·      “I’m too tired to think” – I’d rather go on Facebook and scroll mindlessly for an hour

·      “I would rather do this myself than someone else tell me” – I don’t want to listen to someone tell me what to do with my body

·      “I don’t trust anyone they just want my money” –I’ll just spend it on stuff I don’t need

Sigh… so many excuses. Do any of these sound familiar?

Then in some cases, a couple months later, it happens again. It’s a little vicious cycle, kind of like the day after drinking and you have a hangover, you’ll say “That’s it, I’m never drinking again!” but you do it again…

However, you are in control of your body, your emotions and your lifestyle choices. Some things may feel like a burden, some things you may do because you don’t want to let anyone down or some things you just generally do, because that’s what you’ve been doing for so long.

Let’s not allow you to hit rock bottom with your health to make you feel like you need to invest in It. I believe the key is to prevent yourself from it from happening, not waiting for something to happen before making a change. In the end, if you constantly drive with your petrol light on, it eventually starts to ruin the engine, even if you refuel the tank. If we don’t want to do this to our car, we shouldn’t let ourselves do it to our own bodies.

For those who have stomach issues, make note of how you are feeling and when, look at the connection between the food, time of day and your emotions at the time.

For those who deal with anxious or depressed feelings, try a guided meditation before you go to bed at night. I always use YouTube but there are plenty of apps out there. Sleep is extremely important; you’re safer when driving, clearer when making decisions, your body gets the rest it needs to recoup and start again the next day and you generally will eat better. When we don’t get enough sleep, we feel irritated, moody, not attentive and make poor decisions including starting your day with a non-nutritious breakfast (you probably crave something sweet and high in carbohydrates for energy).

And for those who simply want to change their foods or try something new, write down what you currently eat now and link it towards what you think you should be eating. What we do and what we think we should do can make a negative impact on our brain, because we constantly feel like we are doing something wrong. It doesn’t have to be this way; you can alter your food habits slowly by picking one thing a week to change. A start could be simply making your own snacks to take to work.

 Then, when you’re really ready, find someone in the health field (hello, pick me pick me!) to guide and support you to reach a point where you can sustain your health yourself and build a lifestyle you can enjoy and thrive in! 

July is the start of the second half of the year, with my 6-month program you’ll be finished by Christmas!

Thanks for reading :)


Natalie Almond