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The Beginning


It all started when…

Well, where do we begin? Firstly, I’m so excited that you are here on my page wanting to read more! Thank you for being here. Everyone has their own story to tell, so here is mine….

In my late teen years, I began getting some intense stomach aches. I never (ever) knew anything about emotional health and gut health. The only ‘health’ I knew was sports and if you were slim, you were ‘healthy’. Oh how wrong was I. I was very social, enjoyed my netball and was always going out with my friends. I always seemed to be the one with a stomach ache at the end of the night, it become a running joke, “I think I ate too fast again” (I probably did, but that wasn’t the only reason).

Fast forward a few years later, emotional changes, anxious all the time, different workplaces, more friendships, new study and a different perspective of life which lead me to begin my travelling. Boy, did I grow up and see the world differently (I still didn’t know anything about emotional and gut health may I add). But, the stomach just couldn’t handle it overseas. Sick. All. The. Time. It was part of the reason why it brought me back home two months earlier than planned (with a beautiful stomach parasite by the way). It took me a long time to remove this from my stomach, let’s add ear and throat infections, glandular fever, chronic fatigue, constant virus’ and the wonderful IRRITABLE BOWEL to the ever growing list. Then there was…. antibiotics, more antibiotics, oh and some more antibiotics.

Exhausting reading it isn’t it. Yep, I feel exhausted thinking about it.

Now we are here… an 8-year journey. But now, you reading this? It is Tuesday 14th May 2019. I began the REAL healing September 2018, and I have never looked back.

What did I do?

1.     Toxic Free Lifestyle – This in all shapes a forms. For me, I quit my job that was weighing me down, so down that I could barely think every day or get out of bed. I changed my home to be a toxic free as possible and I started to remove myself away from people who brought negativity and toxicity to my life. Oh and I major thing, I went back to study health!

2.     Live Blood Analysis – I found out more information on what was really happening in my body, you see it for yourself on the screen! Results? I found out I had an insulin resistance problem. I thought I ate pretty healthy, then I remembered all the day I ate chocolate for lunch because I couldn’t stomach anything else [eeek]. Nevertheless, how about all of those years growing up not knowing what was in the food I ate, not understanding how it made me feel, the fatigue, the stomach sensitivity *massive light bulb moment*. What was next? Begin changing my lifestyle.

3.     Changed Daily Habits – Foods, drinks, technology, physical activity, everything. Everything gradually changed because it just fell into place as I kept learning and researching into things. What works great for some doesn’t work well for another, so it was a lot of trial and error (and still is). I start mu day more calm, waking up earlier to fit in stretching and meditation, try my best to have some food prepared so I can get my day started without a rush, don’t wake up to the mobile phone and walk around the block by the end of the day.

4.     Find The Right Supplements - After years of trying supplements from different health professionals, I found a couple different brands that started to work well in my body, that were ethical businesses generally helping people live a greater life. Majority are ones where they helped heal my gut and deal with other issues within my body to prevent it from happening again, then others are for general well-being and maintenance. The supplements work hand in hand with nourishing food. You wouldn’t let your car not be taken car of, because eventually it will burn out and not drive how it should, you service it, clean it and put good quality petrol in it. Treat your body with the same respect.

5.     Connect With Like Minded People - Who me? Network? No chance. I can talk your ear off any day but get me in a room just for ‘networking’ forget it. Well, doesn’t that just change when you start to love the work you do! However, for my sanity, let’s not call it networking, let’s just refer to it as meeting new people! Meeting new people just enables you to LEARN more, LISTEN to other people’s point of views (you don’t have to agree to anything you don’t believe is right for you, but you can listen just like they listen to you) and DIRECT you in different way to CONNECT with even more people.

6.     Live Life Again –  I created goals for the first time in years, wrote in a journal, mediated (you cannot get me sitting down for too long so this was a life changer) and in general, started to appreciate everything around me; my husband, family, friends, opportunities, the roof over my head, the ability to learn every day, the chance to take new risks, being able to buy organic fruit and vegetables, the list goes on. I really am so damn grateful. I have my bad days but I also have some really good days, and that’s what I appreciate the most.

All in all, this is why I am so passionate and motivated to help those who are dealing with anxiety and gut related issues. Whatever I learn, I want to be able to pass on the information. I don’t need to keep it to myself, the more people that learn like I am, the healthier we can be and the better role models we can be for the next generation. We cannot constantly be defeated by sickness, we cannot give into every marketing promotion about junk food, we cannot just give up and take prescriptions from the doctor to fix us overnight, we have to learn to listen to our bodies and take control again. In the end it’s your beautiful body, so why not feel beautiful and live a beautiful life like you deserve?


If you’d like to find out more about my journey and start to begin your new health journey, contact me at

Natalie Almond