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What is a Health Coach and How Can They Help You?

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I began studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition back in August 2018 (wow, a year ago already). The reason I started studying again was so I could gain control and health over my body, understand what was happening, how and why. From day one, it was the most interesting information I had learnt in years.

The basics. We have forgotten the basics in life, the things our body just want to keep it going, to give it the best it can be.

Fortunately I didn’t go into this course with the intention of only learning about food and exercise, which is all I knew for many years of trying to be “healthy” and I have no doubt that is what has been swimming around in your mind for a very long time too. 

Let’s nut this out… health isn’t just about how many weights you lift at the gym and how much chicken and vegetables you prep for your lunches.

 It is hugely influenced by the joy in life, our relationships, our education + career, finances, home environment and so much more. Who would have thought all of these together could affect someone’s health…

Interesting isn’t it. It was exactly how I felt when I was first learning about it. The basics, our everyday life, how everything around us effects us for the good and for the bad.

·      Do you have a habit that started in your childhood and has continued to this day because it’s a comfort zone? 

·      Is there someone who brings you down more than lifts you up?

·      Are you in a day job where your day-dreaming most of the time or can’t clock off when you need to?

·      Or maybe your finances are keeping you up at night?

·      Are you eating out more often or on the go so much you miss out a nutritious meal?

 So many little factors that can impact us largely.


Here is how a health coach can change your world….


We listen, we understand, we work through memories and situations, we provide guidance, we do not judge, and we create realistic goals together. Our job isn’t to put you on diet or make you do an exercise circuit every morning before work. We work out what is best for you at this current time, focus on your emotional well-being, because without it, no amount of green leaves and fitness circuits can heal how you’re emotionally feeling, but it can help.


The best part I love about being a health coach, is working through alternatives. That’s what a coach is here for, to give you an alternative to what you are doing and not completely rid the things in your life that you love. One thing that is good to remember during this process is that you may enjoy something, however it could be doing more harm than good.


A health coach’s job is to not diagnose you, treat you or give you any medication.


You may see a naturopath, doctor or dietician already but can’t seem to make sense of it all or don’t know where to start making changes in your life. A health coach fills in that gap and can work with other health professionals so you can get as much support as possible.


I used to think, why would I need someone like that if I am seeing all these other health professionals? Why do I need guidance if they are guiding me?


Our lives have changed so much, are so fast paced, filled with never ending information especially about health. Just like a job, everyone has a manager. Just like a sporting team, everyone has a coach. Just like an event, everyone has a coordinator who is guiding them to where they need to be in order for it to be a success.


Almond Holistic Health is all about connection, truth, personal experiences and so much more. When you invest in me as your health coach, you invest in all of this too. 💕


If you are relating to this, send me an email at and let’s have a chat about what’s on your mind.

Interested in health and well-being as a career or side job? The Institute of Integrative Nutrition are giving new enrolments $1500 their course fee just by mentioning my name being a past student! How cool is that! Get in contact for more details 💕

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Natalie Almond